“Like many gear heads, I’m constantly buying stuff, breaking stuff, modding stuff and re-evaluating my hundreds of knobs and tubes. Nathan has been an absolutely crucial teammate in keeping our studio up and running. He has a remarkable understanding of how things work, is totally adept at thinking creatively and is consistently kind, honest and a joy to work with. I totally trust his work and would recommend him 100%.”
-Alex Farrar (Owner and Engineer, Drop of Sun Studios)

“Nathan is the only guy I call when something breaks. Intuitive, honest and a joy to be around.”
-Dave Hartley (Nightlands/The War on Drugs)

“Anytime something in my studio or touring rig needs work, Nathan is the one I call. Over the years, he has repaired or modded more of my gear than anyone else (including old synths, drum machines, tape echoes, guitars, pedals, amps, rack effects, you name it). I’ve not met anyone else so understanding, so competent and so creatively driven to bring out the best (and beyond) of pretty much any given piece of gear. Nathan’s also a brilliant musician and one the kindest humans I know, so it’s a complete joy anytime I work with him.”
-Mark Campbell (Producer, Nashville TN)

“Nathan is a joy to work with, on a personal and professional level. He redefines the classic tech curmudgeon caricature with kindness, thoughtfulness, truth, and transparency. I’m spoiled in having the pleasure to know and work with him.”
-J Seger (Musician, Asheville NC)

“Everything Nathan has worked on for me doesn’t just work well but somehow it also feels better than ever. This isn’t too hard to imagine with my CP70, but when I’m even noticing that intangible feeling with XLR cables he made for me, that’s when I know that what Nathan does is very special.”
-Mason Self (Composer, Musician, Scientist)